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Shift Work Schedule Privacy Policy

MW Technologies, LLC (also referred to as "we") and SWSchedule.com does not collect or sell personal information. The data stored within our systems are users email address, names, and telephone numbers. Passwords are encrpyted and stored on our system internally. All other information is stored as plain text (email address, name, and telephone number). The email address is used to send schedule updates and not used to send any marketing emails. Your information is never sold, analyzed, or track by MW Technologies, LLC. The system does provide an audit log for changes to the schedule that is only accessible to administrators.

MW Technologies, LLC attempts to protect your data within reasonable efforts but the user understands the data might be compromised. We recommend using a unique password for this software which is different from other systems.

MW Technologies, LLC uses Amazon Pay or PayPal to process credit card information. As such, we do not store any credit card information and cannot be held liable if such system have any breaches.

By using this site, you release MW Technologies, LLC from any harm and cannot sue for anything that may or may not occur.

Google Interface:

MW Technologies, LLC allows users to connect their SWSchedule account to a Google Account. MW Technologies. LLC will only interface with your Google Calendar if the user elects and give permission to connect their account to Google. The user is approving for MW Technologies, LLC to have full permissions to their Google Calendar account until revoked by the user. When permission is given by the user, this site intends to create a new calendar in which it will add, remove, and update calendar events. The site will only access, add, remove, and update the user Google account:
  1. After permission is given to create the new calendar and synchronize all shifts/events from this site to Google
  2. The user specifically request synchronizing the shifts/events from this site to Google
  3. When a schedule change or schedule changes have been made to the users schedule to synchronize the shifts/events from this site to the Google calendar.
This software does not collect, sell, store, or modify any Google calendars or other user Google data other than the Google Calendar created by this site. A user can revoke permission at any time through this site or through Google.

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